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A New Beginning and a Happy Birthday: First Post


I decided to mark this New beginning with an event in my life that is consistent, my birthday. I hope by doing so will inspire me to push forward and evolve each year as I progress with this new medium; blogging. As I turn 32 today, I look back on these past few years as I decided reset my life, to seek my own happiness. I realized that I never place myself first and blindly give my all to others instead. Watching as they go on happily as I become miserable from being unfulfilled. I still have a lot to learn about myself and I humbly thank you for taking time out of your day to read my first blog post.
♥ Ann

Andover Trails in Mass

Creating a blog is something I still find odd of me, its almost the opposite from what I normally do. Being a photographer I seek an instant gratification with my line of work. I look thru a view finder and see what I seek and freeze it in place. So when the notion of creating a blog came up I was a bit hesitant to do so because I truly did not know where to begin. 
Fast forward a few years to now from that initial thought, mixed in with projects and a splash of life I felt now I was ready to start this new chapter in my life. I choose now to begin my journey with this blog because over these past few years I have been suffering from an extreme burnout, to the point where I almost gave up photography all together as well as the arts. I let things get to me and was having trouble letting things go to the point where it gave me this intense anger. And I let this anger effect my work and mental health.

I was not until last year I realized how important mental health is and how it effects every aspect of your life. I spent the year focusing on how to let the anger go and twist it in another light where my mind can process it and let it go. I let a half year go by where I did not allow myself to touch my camera or any gear because I wanted to almost give myself a blank slate to start from. With this I was aiming to reintroduce the photography to myself and thus began a time of healing with camera in hand.
I hope thru this blog I will find peace and balance with art & words. I also hope to create a place where people who are lost can feel less alone in their journey. I will use this blog as my place to record my healing as well as learning to have live again.

Hope to talk to you all soon,


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