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“It is my intention to present – through the medium of photography – intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators”

– Ansel Adams

© Ann Lang Mun Co All Rights Reserved

When I first started taking walks, I never brought my camera with me. In the first few months, my camera would just sit in my pelican case. I never seeked it out, not even once.
During that time I had just started taking a long break from photography and to be frank I became almost scared of it.
The one thing that brought me the greatest joy and magical career now gave me fright. Me taking walks at the time felt like my way of escaping from it.
Even when you take a photographers camera away you can not take away their instinct of seeing and experiencing. It was during these walks that I relearned what it was that brought me joy.

© Ann Lang Mun Co All Rights Reserved

It was thru each sound my steps took, the fluttering of leaves falling down to the stream of steady flowing water. I realized that I had forgotten how it felt to truly live, to truly experience life around me. I had forgotten about the little things that make life special. Sometimes I would just stand there and close my eyes to take it all in. This breathing in and out and drawing focus within yourself is something that was new to me.

It healed me.

There were so many times I wish I had my camera on me, but I forced myself to not bring it. When I realized I was relearning how to see, I will myself to leave my camera behind because I felt that the way I saw the world around me had changed. I did not want to prematurely stop that process in me. Soon I found that these small details were there this whole time, I just never took the time to slow down and see them. 
As the days went on with daily walks the lighter my steps became and it is true what they say.  Time really does heal, there is no set time of when you heal, it just suddenly happens. I kept up this walk routine for about 6 months and it was only then that I started to feel myself heal. 
It was like the burden of the camera on my back was becoming lighter.
Everyone goes thru things in different ways, as well as how we cope with it. It took me close to a year to heal from my issues as I tend to hold on to things a little longer. 
Never limit your healing time and try many ways to heal as it is the only way to know what works from you. Any step you take is a step further than where you were before.
Sometimes you may take a few steps backwards and that is okay. Just stop and close your eyes take a deep breath and let it out.

© Ann Lang Mun Co All Rights Reserved

Reset yourself and start again.

Nature is pure and fill with many small details that is waiting to be noticed. I felt that it was a good way to refresh yourself and clear your mind.

I hope this was a helpful little post for anyone who is a little lost right now. And it is okay to be lost, all roads will lead you somewhere eventually.

Happy walking!

❤️ Ann

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