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Healing thru Journaling


One of the most difficult things I struggle with is finding a way to dump my thoughts elsewhere. Your emotions are your own and they can control you as well as further you. Before I found journaling, I would bottle up my thoughts and reach a breaking point with my emotions. To the point where I blew up and lashed out at everything and anyone. So, I started to explore other ways other than photography to dump these thoughts somewhere. During this time in my life I was going through a hard time, but physical and emotionally with photography. So, I knew I needed a break from it to reset myself.

One day while flipping thru instagram, an account suggestion came up about journaling, to be more specific junk journaling.

What is Junk Journaling?

Junk Journal is a book which is often made through found and recycled materials to be used as a way to collect and record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

It varies from person to person as we design and organize in different ways. I think that is what makes it so special as everything you put together is entirely all of your own imagination.

It was very appealing to me,

something new.

something fresh,

That completely spoke volumes to me as writing is a weak point of mine. I felt that if I just wrote in a few blank pages I would have issues filling the pages with sincerity. I did not want journaling to become something I had to do, I wanted to make it into something I want to.

“I can’t do everything today, but I can take one small step”

I loved the no pressure of journaling, where everything is within your control. Little steps each day or each time you have a moment to yourself is when I tend to write. I try to see the blank pages as a blank canvas, using the materials as my paint. Before sticking the pieces on I mix and match them together that relates with what I am writing about.

No matter what and how you do it, it is so important to have a place or activity where you can let go of all the things you bottle up. It can be writing, drawing or even hiking. Whatever you do make sure you give yourself the space and time to have all to yourself.

Happy creating!

<3 Ann

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