A Time of Resetting

“Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.”

– Carl Friedrich Gauss

March & April is one of my favorite months of year.

It houses the first day of Spring and marks the ending of the cold winter chill. In New England our winters are long and cold, sometimes with a few feet of snow. So when Spring comes around the corner, I love using this time for resetting myself. I find the transition from snow to grass to make way for flowers symbolizes a fresh start.

Most people choose January as a point for a fresh start, but I find that the year before still weighed heavily on me. So, I always found it very hard to do anything new or make changes because I have not had a chance to look back on the past year. With so many events that happen within a year, it’s crazy to think we can just hit a switch and begin a new one. I believe that to truly set your mind to your goals, you must have time to go through the year again and reflect on the good and the bad. Only by doing so can you set new goals for yourself or continue new ones; see what you can do better or more and aim for it.

In the past jumping into the new year cold turkey with no goals nor ambitions caused me to do all sorts of random things that I would later drop and get bored of until I found something else to do. I had this mindset where I thought I would be living life fully by having nothing binding me, but I was actually not accomplishing anything. The whole wandering around aimlessly gets old very fast and before you know it a lot of time passes.

Spring cleaning, reflecting and setting new goals all work together as they all do one thing, declutter. One for your physical space and the other your mental health. I firmly believe that if you do not have both it gets harder to reach your goals and feelings of fulfillment. Only from accepting what has happened to you and the things you have gone thru can you truly see who you are and who you want to be.

Good Luck out there on your journey!!

<3 Ann

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